about astrology.

your astrological birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born and took your first breath. it shows the position of the planets, their signs, houses and degrees. this snapshot is a look into your overall personality and on a deeper level, the themes you chose to explore in this lifetime. it depicts your strengths and challenges. it is not fortune telling. it is a means to dive deeper into the personality and life direction through the subtle (and not so subtle) guiding influences in your life.

the planets have a tremendous influence on the personality, and even certain experiences you may encounter, but you still have your own free will over how you choose to feel and behave. 


about me.

hello! i'm felicia. i've been highly aware of my intuitive and emotional faculties my whole life. they are my gift and my tools that lead me through every day. they led me to my interest in astrology when i was a teenager and i've been applying it ever since. as i've embraced this part of myself more and more, i've been encouraged by those closest to me to share this gift with others. i know how helpful it's been to me, and i've seen what a difference it's made in others' lives. it's been an honor.

photo by: david j weiner