"having my natal chart read by felicia was an incredibly positive, eye opening, experience. i was excited beforehand but also unsure how much i'd be able to follow (as i'm just starting to get into astrology)... but she has a really remarkable ability to explain things in a very easy to understand way. not only did she take the time to talk out every single aspect of my chart, but afterwards she sent me a twelve page paper with all of the info attached. i loved my reading with felicia so much that i have gifted her readings to several friends for their birthdays since-- all of them were equally as impressed as i am. i cannot recommend doing this enough!"


“my birth chart reading with felicia was SO much fun! she is so animated, enthusiastic, and so knowledgeable about astrology. it was much more than just a reading - it was also a lesson in astrology, a topic that I’m very interested in! she read my chart and i learned so many amazing things about how the stars were aligned at the date/time of my birth. the personality traits she described about me as a (double) Capricorn with Leo ascending were SPOT ON. Additionally, the reading was only supposed to be for an hour, but because she is so generous with her time, and thorough in her craft, the reading went for more like 2.5 hours! thanks so much! if you are interested in learning more about your astrological chart, felicia is your girl! you’ll laugh, you’ll ponder, and you’ll have a lot of fun!”