natal astrology reading.

this is about you.

i always work with the principle of empowerment. you are in control of your own destiny and the more you know about yourself, the more you can consciously create the life you desire to live. every reading is unique and personal. you are welcome to ask questions at any point.


readings last approximately 90 minutes.

it’s an interactive experience.

you’ll also receive a pdf 10-15 page write-up of the basics of your chart. it’s a lot of information to process, so it’s helpful to look at it after you’ve digested your reading.

* i walk you through basic personality traits and how they relate to each other.

* we dive deep into the areas of your life that flow easily and the areas that are more challenging.

* we explore the major themes of this lifetime and how to work with the energies at hand.

i like to know as little as possible about clients beforehand, so all I need is your name, birthday, birth time, birth location.

price: $99 for a two hour session and PDF write-up of your chart.

add $33 for an additional 5-10 page write up of your transit chart.  transits relate to themes and energies you are encountering in your life now and in the upcoming few years. this chart is highly personal and will also include descriptions of transiting aspects to your major planets and points.

for appointments by skype or in-person, please fill out the form on my contact page.


condensed readings for individuals.

insight into their unique sun, moon, and rising sign combination.

guidance on which new and full  moons to work with.

price is dependant upon time and number of people.

for inquiries , please fill out the form on my contact page.

parent-child synastry.

in depth look and guidance into the astrological relationship between parent and child.

exploration of major aspects between charts.

in person or skype readings run around an hour.

10 page PDF write-up included.

price: $77

for inquiries , please fill out the form on my contact page.

yin reading.

about 45-60 minutes.

in depth overview of your moon sign and how it's aspected.

exploration of your moon phase

how to work with the phases of the moon

this reading is highly feminine by nature, but we all have a feminine side. all genders are welcome.

price: $55

for appointments in-person or via skype , please fill out the form on my contact page.