transiting saturn, the moon, and the art of patience.

saturn is that super rad gas-giant planet with all those rings around it, made up of shattered space rocks. aesthetically, it's got that galactic stoner nerd vibe that makes you "think about the universe". it's a common favorite. however, for everyone who knows anything about astrology, saturn tends to make people cringe when merely uttered. 

as cool as it looks... energetically, it's really tough. 

saturn is father time. authority. hard work. obligation. responsibility. practice. criticism. discomfort. but with enough patience, and an ability to see beyond these things, saturn offers maturity and practical wisdom. 

at first, it feels as though it is restricting whatever planet or house it touches. it pulls away, recedes, pries your fingers open to let go of all the comfort you've been holding on to. clinging to. to let go of the kind of comfort zones that no longer serve you. are no longer benefitting your personal evolution. it's like ripping a pacifier from a baby. it's not easy. but it is necessary to grow. it may be challenging, and often growth is, but it doesn't have to be resisted. there is a way to move with it. and i'm beginning to learn this in my own journey.

for the first time in this life, transiting saturn is conjunct my personal (natal) moon. saturn is slow moving and its orbit lasts about 30 years. as it conjuncts personal planets, it amplifies those parts of yourself in a saturnian way (not the most jolly fun, i know). at 26 years old, this is the first time i am experiencing this particular conjunction (which will last about a year, its intensity ebbing and flowing) and boy, do i feel it. 

the moon represents the feminine. the mother. nurturing. intuition. emotions. menstrual cycles. psychic gifts. our deepest needs and desires. the ways we tend to our self-care.

as saturn passes over the natal moon, it tells the person to dive deep, get introspective, and get real about the ways in which they nurture themselves. all those pacifiers are coming out and it can make that person uncomfortable. there's nothing mental about the moon. it operates purely on emotion (conscious and unconscious). this time might feel weird and you may not be able to really explain how or ground it in a particular event.

everyone may experience this conjunction differently as its highly personal and based on our personal emotional currents. for me, it's telling me to slow down. to be quiet. i'm feeling a bit hard on myself. more private. more sensitive. in fact, i'm extra sensitive to other peoples energy and my own. i'm not sure if that's because of this conjunction or if that's just where i am in my personal evolution. probably both, though, it doesn't really matter. for those interested in the tarot, it's giving me mad high priestess vibes speckled with some hermit moments.

the world most of us live in isn't really built for too much quiet time. it values the state of doing far more than the state of being. but when transiting saturn conjuncts the natal moon, you've got to just beeeeeee. it's time to sit down, be quiet, be still, and most difficult of all, be patient. it's that moment before the first leaves sprout from the ground. the seeds have been planted long ago. you've watered, sunshined, and nurtured your plant. your hopes. your dreams.

if you look at the planets, time moves in circles, in spirals, in intricate patterns. it does not move linearly. the a to b to c movement we've been taught to believe is a silly story we keep telling ourselves. there's a flow between acting and being. 

the art of patience is in that moment, waiting for the first leaves.